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Change a child's life today!

Your support can help fight child abuse!

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Every year CARE House provides services to children who have been subjected to abuse and other traumatic events. We provide a safe place for children to tell their story of abuse. Our advocates and therapists provide emotional support and encouragement throughout the healing process and educate families on how to navigate the legal system.

To be able to provide these services, we need help from you! We cannot continue to serve all of these children without your support.

Carly's Story

We met Carly, age 11, after she told her teacher about the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of her father for the past three years. Law enforcement referred Carly for a forensic interview so she could tell her story. When Carly arrived, she was very nervous so staff took extra steps to ease her fears. During the interview, she shared about the years of abuse and explained that she didn't tell her mom out of fear of upsetting her. That day, Carly and her mother were offered support and counseling. The information Carly provided to the CARE House was given to law enforcement and soon after, her was arrested. Our victim's advocate was able to help Carly's Mom navigate the process of the criminal justice system of by educating her about what to anticipate and by accompanying her to hearings and meetings. Our victim's advocate also helped Carly prepare for court so she knew what to expect. When the time came, Carly faced her Dad in court. It was at that point, her mom realized that the guidance CARE House provided, helped not only Carly heal, but her mother also.